To Say the LeastPosted on June 18, 2017

By Kim Kromash, CF Mom

With today being father’s day what a good time to acknowledge what a great father and caregiver my husband is to our son with cystic fibrosis. From day one my husband has been very hands on and helpful with our son Joey. Oh, and what an amazing bond that they both have. When Joey was born my husband was so excited; it was his second boy. At first, we did not know Joey had cystic fibrosis. Joey came out very healthy and we were released from the hospital three days later. A few days after we were released we received a phone call from the doctor’s office saying that Joey had a cystic fibrosis gene and that we needed to go see a pulmonologist.

My husband started doing research right away to find the best pulmonologist in the area. He called everyone and even had his sister asking around. The very next day we saw our pulmonologist. Of course, my husband was there and ready to ask many questions as was I. We took all the information and took a few days to process. My husband was very strong for our family. I was breaking down and couldn’t understand why and how this could happen to us and he was being an amazing husband; being very supportive and understanding. Once I came around and accepted our new lives he quickly encouraged me to get involved. He somehow knew that was my calling and that I would truly enjoy being our son’s advocate and he was right.

I know, it’s sometimes hard to admit.

Of course, my husband had to work so he would do his absolute best so that I could go be the best me for Joey. There were many days that I left Joey with my husband so I could go speak, learn more about cystic fibrosis and raise awareness. He has always had my back when it came to Joey and advocating. He does an amazing job when it comes to Joey and his treatments and I have to be honest, there are days that I can get a little frustrated, and he is always there to the rescue. He actually enjoys the time they spend together during Joey’s treatments; it’s like their special bonding time.

For two years he held down the fort so that I could go to the Annual Volunteer Leadership Conference hosted by CFF.  I would be gone for three days, which is a long time when you have two boys under the age of four. At this conference, I was able to learn many new ways to advocate and raise awareness for cystic fibrosis. For the last two years Jason, my husband, has joined me at the Annual Volunteer Leadership Conference and has been wanting to learn more as well. He too wants to be a voice for our son Joey. Our family truly appreciates daddy. Both our boys look up to him and want to be just like him when they grow up. They no longer let me watch anything on TV unless its sports because that’s what daddy would watch.

To say the least, we are so blessed with the wonderful father Jay is.

Happy Father’s Day to all the CF dads out there. 


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