Sibling’s BondPosted on June 21, 2017

By Kim Kromash, CF Mom

As a mother of a child with cystic fibrosis, I'm not one hundred percent sure what it’s exactly like having a brother or sister with cystic fibrosis but, I do have two boys that are two years apart, one with cystic fibrosis and the other without cystic fibrosis. I can tell you what it's like having a sibling with cystic fibrosis through a mother’s eyes.

My older son JJ does not have cystic fibrosis, he's five years old. When Joey was born JJ was only 22 months old; he didn't quite grasp just yet what was going on. All he knew was that there was a new person living with us that cried and pooped a lot. Joey was not diagnosed with cystic fibrosis until he was five months old and JJ was very curious when Joey had to take a nebulizer every morning. At first, he wanted to do it too, he would cry when we wouldn't let him put on “bubbles” the mask. So we eventually had to get a mask just for him. We never actually let him use the nebulizer though, he was happy just pretending. He loved helping get everything together for Joey’s treatment. He would help open the medication then pour it into the nebulizer cup and then he would turn on and off the machine. He would also help keep him from crying.

Joey really did not like doing his treatments at first, so JJ would make silly faces, dance around and just do anything to keep Joey from crying. When Joey was introduced to the vest at age two, both kids acted like "what is this machine?” Joey did pretty well with it and of course who wanted to try it too? JJ! He wasn't a big fan. But again he really enjoyed helping his little brother put on the vest and turning on the machine.

Today the boys are five and three and they have a quite a special bond. JJ is very protective of his little brother and always helps get him through this treatments. There are days Joey doesn't want to do his treatments and JJ is always there telling him “it's ok Joey I'll sit next to you the whole time”. I truly do believe that they are best friends, they are always looking out for each other, they refuse to sleep in their own rooms, they must sleep together every single night and they don’t like to see each other in any kind of pain.

I am very happy knowing that they have each other and I hope that their friendship only continues to grow stronger. 


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