Less Germs More Fun!Posted on July 7, 2017

By Kim Kromash

It’s SUMMER TIME!! Can you believe it? This year has gone by way too fast! But I guess we say that every year… With Florida’s hot and sweaty summer being here, I have to think of activities to keep the kids entertained and busy and having one child with cystic fibrosis, that is not always an easy task. 

During the summer, there are many indoor activities for kids but because it is so hot (especially in Florida) they’re not always a great idea particularly having a child with cystic fibrosis. I know realistically I can’t prevent all germs, colds, infections, etc., but I can at least try my best by choosing activities that are fun and not full of bacteria. Here are some of the activities we do during the summer:

Beach – The beach is our absolute favorite! It is about a 45-minute drive and the kids love it and it’s also great for our child with cystic fibrosis since the salt in the air is a natural breathing treatment. It is crazy how every time we go his chest and nose will be completely clear. As soon as we get there he just starts draining from his nose. It’s amazing! It’s great because the kids love to play with their boogie boards and build sand castles while I sit in the tent taking in the views. I would say it’s a win-win for everyone!

Splash pads – These are great too! They run around through water for hours while you sit in the shade watching them be so happy. 

Trampoline arenas – My kids love these places. They can jump around and throw balls for hours. I personally get nausea from jumping too much so I can only jump a little with them but I like it because it’s an open space and they’re not all over other kids. It’s also nice because, even though we’re indoors, the proximity is not as bad and since again, we live in Florida and it can be very hot!

Zoo – Another activity my kids love. We might go once, MAYBE twice during the summer. It’s mentally stimulating, fun and always a great experience to see all of the animals. With there being no pool or splash pad it can get a little HOT! But my kids love it and it’s a treat.

The activities above are usually great on the weekends but as a working mom, I have to look into summer camps. It can be a little difficult since most of them are 6-8 hours long and a lot of them will be indoor because of the heat. Here are a few camps that I will be signing up our boys for during this summer.

Gymnastics – Our kids love this camp. We went to a birthday party at one of them once and fell in love. It is spaced out, kids jump around and learn gymnastic techniques and they also get to swim indoors. Because it’s indoors, of course, you’ll have some germs but it’s a still a pretty good choice for us.

Indoor Soccer camp – This is probably their favorite camp! We found a facility that has indoor soccer fields and it’s amazing! Our kids love it there. They have coaches that teach the kids how to play soccer and have games every day. It’s a pretty cool place that is active and fun for the kids.

These are just some of the places that we enjoy and I feel just a little better when it comes to germs, even if some are indoors. I know there is no place on earth that has no germs but I try my hardest to think of fun places that my kids will love and I will feel a little more comfortable in.



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