Proper Order of Multiple Therapies for CF

*It is important to take these medications in the proper order to get the best effect

  1. First take your bronchodilator (Albuterol or Xopenex). This will relax the airway muscles and make it easier to cough out the mucus. Then other medications can get deeper into the lungs to do their work.
  2. Follow that with Hypertonic Saline which will help you cough out the mucus.
  3. Next do your airway clearance technique (ex-Vest, Acapella, Aerobika, CPT, Postural Drainage) and coughing to clear the mucus. This is an important part of your treatment regimen.
  4. Follow this with Pulmozyme to break down the mucus over time.
  5. Then take your inhaled steroid and/or long acting bronchodilator (ex-Flovent, Pulmicort, Qvar, Advair, Symbicort) to decrease airway inflammation.
  6. Finally, take your inhaled antibiotic (ex-Cayston, TOBI, Colistin). Now it can get deeper into your lungs killing more bacteria.

Please note: to save time, it is okay to use the vest while nebulizing Albuterol, Hypertonic Saline and Pulmozyme.


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